Spiritual Exploration & Personal Transformation

Bridging knowledge & understanding for a deeper connection

The 4 fundamentals of Mediumship

This 4-week online 1:1 programme will teach you the fundamentals of developing your natural ability to recognise and connect with Spirit. AJ will encourage and assist you in learning, as well as strengthen and instil confidence in your ability to use it both personally and professionally. In this programme you will:

  • learn how to centre, ground and protect yourself
  • learn how to become more conscious of your energy, your attitude, and your alignment
  • identify your strongest clairsense
  • provide a simple psychic or mediumship reading with confidence
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Empowering the Empath

Feeling drained, depressed or confused by your Empath skills? Wishing you could control them, instead of being controlled by them? Do you experience social anxiety, information overload or experience the energy of others? Well, if you’ve answered yes to any of these, you’re probably an Empath.