Annmarie James aka AJ

Generate spiritual success in the real world by developing a powerful path to a pure, soul-fulfilling life.

Working with high achievers and the spiritually attuned, AJ knows the challenges of being a successful entrepreneur, her decades of experience as a Reiki practitioner, clairvoyant medium and intuition expert has helped many break through emotional barriers that have hindered their ongoing success. 

AJ works with  spiritually attuned individuals to consciously generate spiritual success in the real world by assisting them to access spiritual wisdom in a modern, practical approach that resonates with people from all walks of life. She works directly with those to develop a powerful path to live a pure, soul-fulfilling existence. AJ knows the challenges that come with being a parent and successful entrepreneur, which is why she respects  your time and goes above and beyond to support you until you reach your goal together.

AJ is a single mum to an amazing teenage son, successful businesswoman, Reiki practitioner, clairvoyant medium, intuition expert and mentor. Her natural teaching skill has spanned more than a decade in the spiritual realm and 20 years in the physical realm.  She possesses the ability to communicate with deceased loved ones, bringing those  closer for a brief magical moment in time. She provides one-on-one training and mentoring in a variety of spiritual disciplines and energy healing to those seeking to explore and develop their intuitive abilities in order to improve their personal and professional lives. AJ’s extensive knowledge, energy, skill, and natural ability to put you at ease are nothing short of a miracle.

It is her greatest joy and honour to serve as a Spiritual Guide, energy healer, and intuitive, assisting serious Spiritual Soul-Seekers in reaching their full potential and creating the life they desire on their own terms by following their true calling, aligning their soul-purpose, and mastering their higher objective.

AJ will support you throughout your transitions, allowing you to focus on being the best version of yourself. She is renowned for her discretion and privacy, serving as a confidante to her clients and understanding the pressures that come with being new to spiritual discovery and development.

Specialising in:

  • Guiding you through spiritual energy shifts and awakenings
  • Teaching and mentoring you to discover, develop and deliver your psychic and mediumistic skills
  • Being able to manage oneself through various transitions
  • Assisting you with their abilities when they are first exposed
  • Assisting you when you feel frustrated, confused, alone, or tired of your innate skills
  • Provide you with confidence and support until you reach your full potential

With a focus on the global customer AJ has the  opportunity to tour and work alongside you, she is able to provide you with an exclusive, high-end service and expertise. If this is something you’d like to discuss, contact AJ.