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Annmarie alias AJ is a clairvoyant medium, healer, and intuitive teacher and mentor based in the beautiful Welsh valleys of the United Kingdom. AJ is a high level & advanced clairvoyant medium who has established a solid reputation for her very gifted, proven consistent accuracy in evidential readings – delivered online or in person.


AJ is a rare and valuable gem who devotes her life to Spirit and to working with Spirit.

She is in high demand because of her gifts and  accurate evidence. She has the ability to see for you the clear future that others are reluctant to see through spirit. She will only speak the truth, and even though it may bring tears of joy or pain trust that it is the truth, not her own words, but words from the spirit world and your loved ones.

AJ has provided spiritual support to a large number of people all around the world with her spiritual teaching and mentoring programs and has the advantage of being able to connect with the divine. A skilled Medium has the ability to call upon guides with specialised knowledge to help guide you and to seek answers when required and when the time is right. This  knowledge is invaluable to many wanting clear direction to move forward with their future. A Medium can provide guidance and clarity, but it is up to the you to trust your own intuition about your own future. You must always listen to your inner voice. When you’re at a crossroads in life and don’t know what to do, a Medium of AJ’s calibre can help you with spiritual guidance.

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If you prefer please use the form to schedule your mediumship reading with AJ online on in person.

To book a Mediumship Reading with AJ, please complete the form.


AJ has a private practise in South Wales (UK) that is open during the week and Saturdays if required. Readings can be done in person by visiting AJ or via Zoom for customers who are further away. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, please contact AJ HERE

Please note AJ has a policy not to read for anyone under the age of 18 years.

Well, what can I say?

Well what can I say?  It was absolutely amazing to catch up with Annmarie again. Such an amazing insight and connection with the spirit world. Cannot recommend Annmarie enough she got so much love and light and it’s truly amazing energy to be with her.
This was my first ever reading and was without question truly emotional and very insightful especially with my current frame of mind and mental health.
Thank you so much Annmarie and cannot wait to catch up again
Sending love and light to you always x
 – Maria 
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