60 Minute Mediumship Reading

A mediumship readings are via Zoom.

During this reading AJ will endeavour to make a connection with loved ones you may know in the spirit world.

AJ will connect with spirit to bring through messages that may include the following:
-Unresolved life circumstances.
-Details regarding an individual’s passing.
-Personality traits and characteristics.
– Current events

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1:1 Mediumship Reading £250

Mediumship Power Hour

Let Annmarie aka AJ help you determine whether you have beginner, intermediate, or advanced level mediumistic and psychic skills. AJ will assess your knowledge, accuracy, and delivery of evidence and will give you advice on how to improve in any areas that may require it. Then, if necessary, Annmarie will be able to help you further.

You’ll learn how to:

  • ground yourself
  • protect yourself
  • connect and communicate with your spirit guides
  • recognise their calling card
  • identify your strongest clairsense
  • provide an accurate and professional mini reading
  • gain confidence in your abilities.

AJ will teach you how to effectively see, feel, and hear your guides as well as how to interact with them.

In order to ensure that your new abilities have been ingrained, AJ will also encourage you to give her mini reading. She will offer you constructive feedback in areas that might require improvement, but overall she will give you confidence in your delivery of mediumship. You will be able to ground, protect, connect with your spirit team, and confidently present evidential evidence by the end of the mediumship power hour.
This is an excellent starting point and a strong foundation for your mediumship journey, giving you newly discovered confidence to advance in the growth of your mediumship.
Mediumship Power Hour £250

Spiritual Development FREE Call

If you’d like to talk about your spiritual development, psychic, mediumship, or empath abilities, this jam packed 30 minute consultation is for you. You’ll gain an understanding of your current spiritual level, awareness, and capability. I’ll help you figure out where you are now and what you need to do to maintain and improve your abilities on all levels with a plan of action. This will give you newfound confidence, a better understanding of your abilities, how to apply them, how to set boundaries and use additional protection methods, which is essential for both HSPs and Empaths.

If there’s a particular area you’d like to discuss this can be arranged. Please have any questions prepared before your appointment.

Get on track by scheduling a 30 minute session, and start feeling more confident in your skills right away!

NOTE: AJ will give you a 10-minute grace period; if you do not show up within that time, your appointment will be cancelled.

If you prefer a Saturday appointment email AJ at. Spiritual Activation FREE Call

Psychic Development Program

“Our 10-week program for psychic development and mediumship, conducted online through Zoom, provides a well-organised and guided learning journey. Tailored for individuals with a shared interest, this program is crafted to assist participants in exploring, comprehending, and elevating their psychic and mediumistic abilities. AJ, a seasoned psychic medium, facilitator, and teacher with over 15 years of experience in the spiritual realm, will lead the sessions. AJ will offer direction, exercises, and support to aid participants in developing their intuitive and spiritual skills.” Remember…it’s about learning, developing and having fun.

Step into a world of joy and discovery with our new online psychic development group—a haven where fun, safety, and comfort converge. Led by the experienced AJ, this group is tailor-made for both the new and the curious, ensuring that apprehensions melt away as members embark on their journey. AJ’s warm guidance guarantees a secure and inviting space, assuring every participant that the focus is solely on individual development. There’s no hierarchy, no comparisons—just a shared commitment to personal growth. In this supportive community, everyone, regardless of background or experience, learns and evolves at their unique pace, fostering equality and camaraderie. Join us for an enriching adventure where you are celebrated for simply being you.

Email today and register for this incredible program.

£20 per session or £180 (added discount) upfront.