Introduction to Mediumship

What will you learn?

In an Introduction to Mediumship you will learn about the role of a Medium, learn how to develop your spiritual abilities and how to connect with otherworldly beings, and communicate with loved ones. This introductory Masterclass will teach you the basics you need to know about Mediums. You’ll learn about energy and the different types of mediumship. Learn the basics of mediumship and determine whether you’re a medium, a psychic, or both.

Many people believe that a Medium and a Psychic are the same thing. Both are energy-centric practises, but they are vastly different. This workshop defines each and explains how to work as one or both. It is critical to understand how working in this field affects your energy, especially if you are an empath. You’ll learn how energy can be drained, how to care for your energy, and how to protect yourself by having a clear intent and strong ethical boundaries.

Clair senses are a catch-all term for the various types of psychic abilities that correspond to the metaphysical and spiritual subtle senses. This introductory workshop in mediumship  will provide you with a solid understanding of the four main and the lesser-known Clairs, as well as instruction on how to identify and develop your primary Clair ability.

As a Medium, you must have a thorough understanding of your energy system, as well as the ability to open and control your energy or ‘Channel.’ You will learn this as well as how to recognise and work within your energy boundaries, as well as how to work with intention and when and how to open up, tune in, and close down.

Meditation is one of the most effective ways to further your spiritual development. You will learn how to meditate and the benefits it has as a stress reliever and in enhancing your spiritual growth.

Learning how to connect with your spirit guides is another important practise that will help you improve your abilities as a Medium. You’ll learn what a spirit guide is, how to connect with yours, and how strengthening these bonds will strengthen your connection with spirits who have passed over while also expanding your knowledge of the spirit world.

Working as a Medium necessitates working within ethical and professional boundaries, as well as having empathy and compassion for a client while maintaining your own energy as a channel. The Introduction to Mediumship workshop explains how to put all of the individual elements you learned in this workshop into practise and provide meaningful messages of comfort.

While the course focuses on traditional types of mediumship, it also introduces you to the concept of ‘channeling.’ This type of mediumship tunes into a more refined energy or vibration from an energy dimension higher than the fourth dimension, bringing in higher dimensional beings.

Masterclass structure

  1. Introduction to Mediumship
  • What is mediumship?
  • How do I know if I’m a medium?
  • Types of mediumship
  • Signs from Spirit
  1. Brief History of Mediumship
  2. Psychic’s and Mediums
  • What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?
  • What is an Empath?
  • Can we do both?
  1. The ‘Clairs’ –The Subtle Senses
  • The ‘Clairs’ – what are they?
  • Less well known Clairs
  • How do you develop your Clairs?
  • Exercise
  1. Opening up as a Medium
  • What does the word ‘channel’ mean?
  • Leaving your energy open
  • Opening up to give a message/reading
  1. Protection
  • Types of protection
  • Spirits and Gatekeepers
  • Connecting with your spirit guide
  • Exercise

   Masterclass  Includes:

  • Lecture
  • Exercises
  • 2.5 hours
  • Q & A
  • Private Group Access

Advance fees are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to a different course.  The Introduction to Mediumship Masterclass is non-refundable.

Dates are released throughout the year and fill up quickly; you can express your interest and your name will be added to our waiting list; or you can book a 1:1 Masterclass with Annmarie and receive mentoring, continuous guidance, and extra support.

Your Investment

The Introduction to Mediumship Masterclass Group is for you if you enjoy a group atmosphere, practicing with others and creating new friendships. Previous group sessions have been successful and the demand to deliver more online sessions is high in demand. Alternatively, if you prefer a more private session the 1:1 Masterclass is for you. Here you will receive support, guidance and time to practice in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Consider how much of an impact a single 1:1 practical could have on your spiritual development, and how you’d feel if you were more confident. One-on-one sessions give you the opportunity to spend uninterrupted 1:1 time with Annmarie while focusing on your desired outcome of spiritual development.

  • Introduction to Mediumship Masterclass Group – £47
  • Introduction to Mediumship Masterclass 1:1 – £247

Masterclasses will be delivered via Zoom; after payment, you will be sent a link that will secure your place. Please use the contact us page for more information.

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