How to Discover and Develop Your Clair Senses

How to Discover and Develop Your Clair Senses

By Annmarie James February 2021

Are you aware of your clairvoyant abilities? Your clairsenses are similar to psychic senses that you can utilise to comprehend intuitive information and communicate with the spirit world. The 5 Psychic Senses.

Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairempathy are the five clair skills that approximately correspond to our five physical senses. Clear vision, clear hearing, clear knowing, and clear emotion are the definitions of clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant, and clairempath, respectively.

We all have access to each of the clair senses, just as we have to our five physical senses. However, one or two of them are likely to be naturally stronger than the others. Recognising and working with your own distinct clair senses aids in the development of your intuitive sense and psychic abilities, as well as a deeper connection with spirit. Once you understand how your intuition manifests, you may work on honing your senses in order to live a life guided by intuition and connect with your magic and purpose. All five of your psychic senses can be strengthened and sharpened over time.

Understanding the various clair senses and how they work for you is an important step in developing your intuitive and psychic powers.


Consider clairvoyance as the ability to “see” intuitive information on your mind’s “inner screen.” It can be a colour, a number, or a symbol. The third eye, or fifth chakra, is used by clairvoyants. This occurs when, like in a daydream, visions of the past, present, and future flash through our mind’s eye, or third eye. Many of us are extremely visual, and we are better able to comprehend an idea when we see it written or sketched out as a picture on a computer screen or a canvas. Artists, builders, photographers, decorators, designers, and other visual professions are popular among visual people. If this sounds like you, your dominant sense is probably clairvoyance.

Through their mind’s eye, a clairvoyant receives extrasensory impressions and symbols in the form of mental images (third eye). If you have vivid dreams, visions, mental images, or mini-movies that flash into your inner awareness, you may be clairvoyant. You might be able to see the colours of people, plants, and animals’ energy fields (auras), or you might be able to see angels, spirits and other beings. If you are a “visual” person who can readily see solutions to issues, have an excellent sense of direction, or are especially adept with visual-spatial challenges like rearranging furniture or loading and putting the dishes in the dishwasher, you may have a proclivity for clairvoyance. A clairvoyant may be able to look into the future (precognition), as well as clarify and illuminate the present (seeing what is currently happening).

Exercise for Developing Clairvoyance

Visualisation strengthens and fine-tunes your third eye. There are countless ways to do this exercise, but I LOVE using flowers (they’re pretty and smell good!)


To get started, place a flower in front of you and study it for a little while. Next, close your eyes and imagine the flower in as much detail as you can. Let the colour, shape, size, etc. flood your mind. This clairvoyant exercise will strengthen your psychic sight. It’s also critical to decalcify your pineal gland by avoiding Fluoride and Mercury, increasing Iodine (seaweed is an excellent source), drinking alkaline water, and supplementing with turmeric (adding black pepper increases absorption), raw apple cider vinegar and raw cacao.


Intuitive information is received via clairaudience through sounds, which are most typically expressed as ideas. When we hear words, noises, or music in our own mind’s voice, we are experiencing this. Spirit may be able to make audible sound in rare situations, like as hearing an audible STOP to prevent you from getting into a car accident. Hearing something said aloud helps some of us remember and grasp it better. Our aural faculties are often where our inherent gifts lay, making us exceptional artists, singers, authors, and public speakers. If this resonates with you, clairaudience could be a useful sense to have.

You can hear noises, words, or noise from the spiritual or ethereal dimension if you have clairaudient (clear hearing). If you get most of your intuitive knowledge from your inner or outer hearing, you’re clairaudient. Yes, we’re talking about hearing voices (both outside and inside your head)! Consider the following scenario: you’re driving to work and suddenly hear, “Take the next exit.” You are the only one in the car. The message, on the other hand, was unambiguous and seemed to come from somewhere other than oneself. Instead of taking your regular route, you take the next exit. When you get to work, you find out you dodged a five-car pileup that would have caused you to miss a crucial meeting. If you’re naturally attuned to noises, tones, rhythm, and music, you might be clairaudient. If you sing, perform music, have a hard time recalling voices, or can readily detect deception in someone’s voice.

Exercises for Developing Clairaudience

If you don’t have a friend with whom you feel comfortable training, you can do something similar with your spirit guides.

You’ll need flashcards for this activity. On these flashcards, write basic words that you like, such as cat, tree, clothes, and so on. To begin, I recommend making at least 20 flashcards.

Initially, this practise may take a long time to complete. I waited for 15+ minutes with my thoughts “open” before receiving a response. Because our spirit guides resonate at such a high frequency, it’s difficult to hear them. Remember that this practise is training your psychic hearing, even if you don’t think it worked (it did!).


When you have claircognizance, intuitive information comes to you as things you just know, even though there is no logical justification for you to know it. This occurs when we have knowledge of people or events about whom we would not otherwise be aware. Ideas or realities just appear in our heads out of nowhere. An example of this would be a premonition: a forewarning of something that will happen in the future. Because there’s often no practical explanation for why we suddenly “know” something, claircognizance necessitates faith. Many philosophers, academics, doctors, scientists, religious and spiritual leaders, and great sales and business leaders are intuitive and appear to simply know the truth with certainty. Consider claircognizance as one of your dominant senses if this describes you.

You have claircognizance (clear knowledge) when you immediately know something is true while without seeing, hearing, or feeling it. You just have a feeling. It’s a flash of insight or a download of data that doesn’t require any processing or interpretation. Claircognizance can be described as a persistent concept or unyielding thinking, similar to the persistent suspicion that someone is lying to you despite the lack of concrete evidence. Because their “knowing” is rapidly followed by either a personal emotional or physical reaction to the revelation, many people confuse claircognizance (clear knowledge) with clairempathy (clear emotion) or clairsentience (clear physical feeling). Paying attention to how the insight enters your awareness will help you differentiate the two over time.

Exercises for Developing Claircognizance (clear knowing)

Automatic writing is a great technique to improve your claircognizance skills. Even though automatic writing is a sort of divination in and of itself, it is impossible to be good at it without claircognizance.

Do not intentionally write anything with the pen on the paper. If your hand starts to move, don’t think about it and just write. Automatic writing can take 5-10 minutes to start, so don’t be concerned if nothing happens right away.

Close your eyes if you’re having problems separating your conscious thoughts from this practise. Don’t look at them or open them until you’re absolutely done.

Your writing may appear illogical at first. That’s quite typical. I recommend keeping a notebook with all of your practise so you can refer to it later. You never know what symbols you’ll get!


We may be tuning into the emotional energy of a person or a spirit around us when we have a strong “gut” sensation about someone we just met, whether favourable or negative, or when we get the “chills” for no apparent reason. We are natural healers and carers when we are very sensitive and in tune with not only our own feelings but also the sentiments of others. We are natural healers and carers when we are very sensitive and in tune with not only our own feelings but also the sentiments of others. We are frequently motivated to become doctors, therapists, counsellors, nannies, and instructors. If you’re like this, clairsentience is at the top of your list of abilities.

By way of a physical experience in their body, a clairsentient (clear physical feeling) gains intuitive understanding. You have a “gut feeling” or “something doesn’t seem right,” and you feel it viscerally in your body as a physical sensation. Clairsentients feel (rather than just sense) other people’s emotions, illnesses, or injuries. They may also sense the physical and emotional agony of a land or a location where catastrophic events like fear, jealousy, insecurity, hatred, and pain have occurred. For example, when bad entities are nearby or bothering one of her customers, a friend of mine, a great psychic medium, gets an upset stomach. The distinction between clairempathy and clairsentience is that empaths feel emotion whereas sentients experience it. Energy is sensed by empaths, but it is felt by sentients.



Clairempathy is a type of clairsentience that is akin to clairvoyance. If you can perceive other people’s emotions, thoughts, and symptoms, you have clairempathy (clear emotion). It is the perception or awareness of emotional energy. You are aware of the feeling, but you do not necessarily experience it in your body. Have you ever walked into a room where a couple was arguing and sensed the rage and hurt? If that’s the case, you’re a clairempathic.

To successfully control their empathetic nature and insulate themselves from energetic overload, empaths require self-care and psychic protection strategies, they need to be able to distinguish between their own feelings and thoughts and those of others. We may all learn to keep spiritual boundaries, restore our energy, and cleanse undesirable negative energy from our bodies and energy fields. The distinction between clairempathy and clairsentience is that empaths feel emotion whereas sentients experience it. Empaths can sense energy, but only sentients can feel it.

Exercises for Developing Clairsentience & Clairempathy

Because people who are very clairsentient are acutely aware of their surroundings, practising in a clear space is ideal (energetically clear, and clear of clutter). Have a friend send you a snapshot of someone they know but you aren’t familiar with. Take a look at the photo, particularly their eyes. Take note of the feelings and emotions that surface. For accurate feedback, ask a friend who knows this individual. You may perform the same way with a physical object, such as clothing or jewellery. Jewellery is effective because it holds a lot of energy. Hold the object in your hands for a few minutes and see what you can deduce about the owner, then ask a friend for confirmation.

Feeling in your body is a good thing to do. So much information is stored in our bodies! Feel how the energy feels in your body when you enter a room or a building. When something or someone does not resonate with you, examine how it makes you feel in your body. Observe what feelings arise in your body when you enter meditation or communicate with guides or angels. When you think about it, do you get a tingling sensation in your head or in your heart when a presence is around you?

A Lifelong Process

It takes a lifetime to develop your clair senses. Some of your clair senses may be more active at specific times, and as you improve and hone them with these techniques, you’ll have more access to them. Developing your clair senses is a very powerful activity that lets you to tap into the mystical, magical, and divine realms, allowing you to acquire great insight into all aspect of your life.


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