Grounding and Protection

Grounding and Protection

By Annmarie James April 2021

A fundamental part of travelling a spiritual path is ensuring we are grounded and have asked for protection.

To know where our basis is and where we are coming from, we must be grounded. We will eventually become ‘high’ on spiritual energy if we do not ground ourselves, and the only way down will be bumpy.

Because energy can move in unexpected and unexplained ways, we must also safeguard ourselves.

The aura has something to do with protection. Any bad energy that is released, cleaned, or cleansed as a result of emotional or physical barriers must be released outward rather than absorbed inward. Our vibrational frequency rises in tandem with our level of awareness. Others are drawn to these beautiful vibrations and can benefit from our great energy.

You and they may not realise it, but how many times have you felt terrific, spent 10 minutes with one person, and felt like you’ve been through the wringer? When we protect ourselves, we not only reject negativity, but we also keep others from draining us. It’s all about remaining as stable and certain as possible.

This practise was given to me by a great friend some time ago, and it has been a blessing. Following multiple requests, I’ve decided to post it on the internet in the hopes that it would be useful.

This exercise cleanses and aligns the chakras, anchors us to the earth, and then shields us for the day. It can be done in seconds once you’ve learned it. First, we must ground ourselves:

  • Begin by spreading your feet slightly apart and ensuring that your knees are not locked. Then, push your pelvis forward slightly to draw the spine straight and ensure that you are absolutely upright but relaxed.
  • Imagine the crown chakra, just above the top of your head, opening up to let bright, cleaning white light to flood down through your body as you slowly relax your body. Do it gently the first few times; with practise, you’ll be able to do it rapidly.
  • Down to the centre of your body, direct this light. If you’re familiar with chakras, spin each one clockwise with the light as you pass it. If this is too tough, simply direct the light down the centre of your body. As the light flows past the base chakra (bottom of spine), send it on down each leg and through your feet into the earth.
  • Hold it there for a moment and feel your feet connect to the earth. Then take the light, like roots, down deeper into the earth, until you feel completely anchored.


Select the colour light you’d like to surround yourself with once you’ve grounded – I’ve found the following to be helpful:

  • White – Complete and total defence — a sturdy, white, dazzling shell surrounding you.
  • Pink – A fuzzy pink shell that helps you to empathise with others while excluding you from their feelings. It’s a nice colour to use in situations where you want to freely offer and receive while still feeling safe.
  • Blue – An electric blue shell protects you while also allowing you to communicate and convey your own truth. If you don’t utilise blue, then be dishonest; else, you’ll be destroying your own throat chakra!
  • Rainbow – Repeat the exercise with each chakra colour, enclosing yourself in seven light bubbles. This is an excellent workout for detoxifying, balancing, and energising the body. If you are spiritually active, using rainbow light once a week or once a month is a good workout.

Begin to pull that colour out from deep within the ground once you’ve picked your colour (and it can be ANY colour; whatever resonates with you at the time is excellent). Because this is a visualisation exercise, the form this colour takes and how you picture it will be completely unique to you and exactly correct.

Return your colour to the earth chakra beneath your feet, up the roots you just utilised to ground yourself. Connect with the colour and what it represents, then bring it back up through the centre of your body, spinning the chakras (in any direction you like, there is no right or wrong), until it emerges out the top of the crown, enveloping your entire body in a bubble of colour.

Give thanks for the cleansing, grounding, and protection you’ve just received. To empower and defend yourself, do this practise every morning. Once you’ve mastered this practise, you’ll be able to apply it whenever you’re scared, have low energy, or need a boost on any level!

If you’re having difficulties visualising, try doing this exercise in the shower. The water then transforms into light, which you may feel pouring down your body and uniting with the soil beneath your feet. For many parents, the morning shower is the one time of day when they have privacy and serenity.

On a subconscious level, this activity connects you to who you are and gives you the power to direct how your day unfolds. It should be a pleasurable, energising, and empowering experience. Don’t worry if you don’t follow the instructions exactly. The act of attempting something communicates to the Universe your goals. In exchange, the Universe will aid and guide you in determining the best strategies for your own growth.

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