Signs You Are an Empath

By Annmarie James July 2021

What exactly is an Empath?

An empath is a person who can sense the emotions of those around them. Their energies and emotions are felt as if they were their own. Doesn’t that sound like a superpower to you? I can tell you as an empath that it is both a benefit and a curse. I can genuinely understand people because I’m intuitive, but absorbing sentiments, both good and terrible, is draining. It’s also sometimes difficult to distinguish between other people’s feelings and my own. Empaths are frequently misinterpreted and labelled as shy, introverted, or worried people.

I’m writing this since as many empaths don’t understand what empath energy is or how to manage and safeguard it. I was battling until I truly recognised and embraced my empathic nature. Now I’m in a better position to manage my emotions and my life.

Empaths are prone to becoming exhausted because they offer so much and absorb so much. Energy vampires, or persons who drain your energy, are drawn to empaths because of their sensitivity and compassion, which they view as a way in.

Have you ever questioned whether or not you are an empath?

Many people are empaths without realising it, which makes it difficult for them to understand what they’re feeling. For the majority of my life, I’ve battled to surround myself with positive energy. There is so much negativity out there, and as an empath, it can be difficult to distinguish your own sentiments from those of others.



Am I An Empath?

1. Empaths require alone time.

Empaths require alone time to restore their energy since they are quickly overwhelmed and drained by the sentiments of those around them. It also allows individuals to re-establish contact with their own emotions.

If you become fatigued in crowds yet energised when you’re alone, you’re definitely an empath.

2. Empaths are extremely sensitive people.

Because they feel things so profoundly, they have big hearts and are often overly concerned about others. They also have a tendency to prioritise others over themselves.

Sensitivity does not imply that they are constantly crying. I’m an empath, but I don’t weep often.

3. Empaths are sensitive to other people’s emotions.

When an empath is exposed to negativity, such as anger or anxiety, it can cause chaos. An empath thrives when surrounded by love and happiness.

4. Empaths are introverts.

Because they are overwhelmed by crowds or have been wounded by too many bad people’s moods, most empaths are introverted. Because I’ve let some negative energy into my circle before, I’m cautious about who I accept into my circle. Some people, particularly narcissists, are quite excellent at masking their negative energy. And empaths are drawn to them in the hopes of assisting them!

5.  Empaths usually prefer small groups of good people with good vibes.

6. Empaths can have difficulty in relationships.

Empaths find it difficult to be so close to others because they don’t want to lose their sense of self. It’s critical that they have a supportive and understanding companion. Empaths require alone time to reconnect with their inner selves. Many people find this difficult to comprehend.

7. Empaths are prey to energy vampires.

Their extreme sensitivity makes them an easy target for vampires that feed on energy. These ‘vampires’ deplete the empath’s mental and emotional energies. Know the warning signs of an energy vampire and avoid them!

8. Empaths are giving.

Sometimes they give too much and end up completely drained.

9. Empaths have great imaginations.

Daydreaming and imagining takes empaths to a whole other level because they can really take it all in and absorb the experience. I have always been a daydreamer and get lost in my own world.

10. Benefits of Being An Empath.

Being an empath has a lot of advantages! You have an uncanny ability to feel and offer love. You have a great deal of compassion and understanding. Your friends seek your guidance because you have exceptional insight and genuine concern for the outcome.

 The Downside of Being An Empath

Being an empath also comes with a significant weight. You can’t simply switch it off whenever you want or when you’re in the presence of negative energy.

You absorb the feelings of those around you, whether you want to or not.

Some people have a negative energy level. Both cognitively and emotionally, they deplete you. An empath’s life is taxing, overwhelming, and at times perplexing.

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